11 May 2009

On the table - four day school week

I know that everyone will have a "pro" and/or "con" on this one, but the bottom line is cash.

School districts are strapped for it, so out comes the "four day school week" option.

It's workable ..... some schools have been doing it for years.

But, it's out of da box and we all know that the big ship of education struggles with progressive ideas.

Here are my top three ideas for budget cuts in school districts....

1. reduce the number of staff at district headquarters
2. improve (revise) principal and assistant principals responsibilities to include more school fund raising ideas by networking with local business and community organizations, without pawning it off to teachers. NOTE: Imagine a world where principal and assistant principals managed the campus and teachers managed education in their classes using Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).
3. outsource critical district responsibilities to organizations at a fixed cost expense (aka standard business procedure)

BTW, here is a link to that news on the four day school week....

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