30 April 2009

The Rise Of Social Media - Have We Reached A Global Threshold In 2009?

Here are the stats and numbers for myspace, facebook, youtube, twitter and all the other key players. Plenty of trend here - a very informative article. Now you see why K12 students are truly "digital kids" and all the implications that carries. Read this one slow 'cause this article is packed.


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28 April 2009

Spice Up Service Learning

Teachers, now you can add some recognition to your service learning by using President awards.

When I was coordinating the Blue Planet Society after school the students did it for fun and for learning too. If I had the chance, I would have signed up then as a partner on this new program and given each student an award.

Kinda cool, and something they can keep ... plus ..... an experience they'll never forget.

Check it out at http://www.presidentialserviceawards.gov/

Happy Tuesday, Jack

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26 April 2009

Social Meida - useful in a classroom?

TED is one of my favorite resources for class. The speakers are top notch and they cover stuff that I've not found anywhere else.

This clip is another example, the fella is talking about how blogging and other social media expands our ability to perceive, think, and understand the world around us.


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22 April 2009

Math Treasure Chest

I stumbled upon a real teaching wonder today. This site have been a leader of math programs and teaching tools for over a decade. I guess all math teachers know about ... but they never told me.

If you aren't as sharp at math as you wanna be (me) or want some fresh tools for class this is your place.

BTW, it has more than 500 direct resources that I counted.....

http://www.educationreporting.com/edtools/lisitng-subject.htm#math (last one on the page)

Happy Wednesday, Jack

21 April 2009

Resource that's gold

This site is so good, teach using real world examples for science, math, and technology in primary and secondary schools. For example, using the zoo to teach math. There are hundreds of free video clips that show real world scenarios teaches can use in a variety of ways. Check it out at... http://www.thefutureschannel.com/index.php

Another hot day at the beach, Jack

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20 April 2009

Grant money - expires April 24

Here is great opportunity to get some teens involved and get grant money to do it ....

The Institute for Global Education and Service Learning has funds available that will provide training grants to local education agencies interested in bringing a team of students to the National Urban Service Learning Institute.

Click here to get the scoop - deadline is April 24.

Wishing you the best, Jack

19 April 2009

Twitter for Academia

Here's a great post by a K12 teacher who used twitter in a class assignment for the first time..... and the results.

Also on this page are additional links to ideas and programs that use twitter in class.

.... it's a new week starting tomorrow ...... a perfect time to start using a new idea for a lesson!

What would your students say if you told 'em they'd be tweeting for the next assignment?

Check out the twitter tips here....

Have a great week, Jack

17 April 2009

FIVE STARS - Earth Day Lesson Ideas

Earth Day is around the corner and hopefully every class can spend 15 minutes next week just covering the concept....

...or, hopefully a full blown lesson !

In my classes I found that students are interested in doing something about the environment because they see the results .... they directly impact something in a positive way and that's a mega boost no matter what the scio-economic class floor is.

Courtesy of the Wilderness Organization ..... here are some cool activity ideas - RELEVANT to REAL LIFE - and the materials to get 'em done with class.

Teachers lounge (materials) http://earthday.wilderness.org/teachers/classroom.htm

Here's what some teachers have done in the past: http://earthday.wilderness.org/teachers/postings.htm

Best link list I've seen for Earth Day: http://earthday.wilderness.org/links.htm

Happy teaching! Jack

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14 April 2009

National Environmental Ed Week: three mind expanding lesson resources and ideas that are relevant - have to check 'em at http://ping.fm/TZ6xJ

13 April 2009

K12: Good News & Teaching With The Lights On

It's more fun to talk about the reality of teaching .... ya know ... hard working - honest folk who are ready to take some action based on their belief for the good of the cause....

For starters, teachers in the UK ... I luv their gusto and bravado..... have had enough! Haven't all teachers in every country?

.... but the UK folks are saying so out in the open .... and they are ready to do something - a novel idea!! Kudos to them!

1. They are threatening to strike over being fedup with the low pay and testing requirements ....

2. Apparently some schools hire bouncers to be in classes that substitutes teach because of unruly students ....

Next in the room with the lights on.....a national curriculum .... the issue has been raised again in the UK. I can't remember when it's been discussed in the USA .... I guess it's more enriching and costs less to have each state do education a different way ....boy, I betcha if
a national curriculum bill ever hit that floor for a vote it'd have some serious pork on it.

Until going to graduate school and studying education I was always AGAINST a a national curriculum .... but I now think it's a main strength of getting the USA out of the quagmire that education now is. Read more about the UK debate here ... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/education/7982215.stm

...and now the good news ..... for all USA teachers....
Jamba Juice is donating 20% of all sales to the school of your choice between April 13 and May 24 ... so visit this URL and tell 'em where to send the check .... http://www.jambajuice.com/school_bananananza/

Hope your week is off to a brilliant start! Jack

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11 April 2009

Your digital practices....

Let's face it ....

The digital world is here to stay.

Teachers use it or lose face ... your students are already there and hearing you boast about how you don't need to twitter, or that your blogless.... even that you don't have a myspace or facebbok .... only makes YOU LOSE credibility.


If you don't like that - too bad. This is a new world.

Get in or get out.

Now, here is my point ... an excellent news source ....

Mashable, the social media guide ... this is so complete with info - it will open doors for everyone .... no longer how long you've been doing - or not doing - your digital practices. Check it out at http://mashable.com

Have a great weekend! Jack

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10 April 2009

Who is choosing what "material" works in K12 classes.....

What you're about to read here is true and uncensored ....

... it came to me from a fella I admire and respect that writes math software programs for K12 students.....here is his story:

1. Click the link below (to FL school district) and view a math problem....

2. Please look at the Second Problem and the Answer should be n/4 = 7
but they wrote 1/4n = 7
The correct writing would be (1/4)n = 7 or n/4 = 7

The Definition of a Rhombus is :
A Quadrilateral with four equal sides .
But Math.com has a different Definition :
A Parallelogram with four equal sides.
This is the Definition of a Wet Water !!!
Do you know a dry water ???
It is clear that a Rhombus is a Parallelogram

Here is the correct Definition:

4. My Programs for Color Mathematics
have been elected by a School in Sarasota
Florida. The School Principle and Teachers
contacted me by e-mail and reported
their Choice of Color Mathematics Programs.
After one month they wrote me that the
Donator of the 2000 Computers for various
Schools in Sarasota did Not agree to install
"Color Mathematics" but to install "Math.com"
The official Reason : the Program must be Online - this is the most important thing
for a Good School Program !!!
The Computer is Online - is NOT enough !
The Program must be Online !
Have You ever heard of such Nonsense !!!
These Companies are trying to control
the Schools and where is the Ministry
of Education ???
I am sorry that we have reached such
Nasty Situations re-Education !
Teachers - Parents and even Universities
have NOTHING to say anymore !
Companies decide about Education and
what is Best for our Children !
The Evaluation by Teachers of Math.com
is much lower that the Evaluation of
"Color Mathematics"

There you have it folks, big business in education over quality products. Here is a link to the colors Mathematics program.... http://geocities.com/Athens/6172/

Wishing you a safe weekend, Jack

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08 April 2009

K12 Project Based Learning – Top Best Resources

"These cover all the content areas and are FREE to use."

Project Based Learning (PBL) provides opportunities for students to collaborate on specific tasks to resolve one or more challenges. The effort is driven by asking questions that feed the investigative processes where students do some level of research to collect data and then draw conclusions by summarizing what they found.

Read the article and reduce your learning curve on PBL ... share it with your colleagues and get all the students at your school on the best track.

This ain't just 'bout your class, it's how you prepare your students for better careers as life long learners.


Happy Hump Day, Jack

07 April 2009

Five star share for any K12 class

Found a site worth sharing for two reasons .....

1. It a great form of project based learning that covers all subject areas.
2. The sponsor, Intel, did a great job of organizing the content plus it's not a cookie cutter deal. I detest those sites where lesson are just a cut and paste. This one gives you enough information and resources to get you running, but you'll have to do some work to tie it down to your class needs.

......oh yeah, it's free too. :-)

Check it out and kudos to Intel for "giving back" in an effort to getting young people doing some critical thinking with relevant lessons!


Tomorrow is hump day, Jack

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06 April 2009

Brain has wisdom .... or ?

Studying education at the university was about understanding the cognitive process and behaviors ....
a good goal was a lesson with (hopefully) multiple metacognitive opportunities built into it by the teacher.

Today, the news is saying that the brain alone - by design - is the source of wisdom.

It details that certain parts of the brain are used for moral dilemmas and other parts are used for rational thought and primitive emotions.

I left this reading being confused.... this seems like another attempt to cut and dice something without taking into account the "whole" picture.

.... no doubt, fairly soon there will be a study saying why some people have better connections to one part of the brain or another .... then we can classify the smarter folks by the conditions that make one connection better than the other .... you see where I'm going?

I'm a whole kinda guy.

The whole person has to be considered when talking about education. Not just the brain.
Heck, I know a lot of smart people that can't teach what they know - how smart is that?

Fitting "wisdom" into a system of connections in the brain makes about as much sense to me as saying that every green XYZ car will get 20 MPG. Well that ain't so becuase you have to consider the traffic being driven in, the condiditon of engine, weight in the car and so forth .... you get the idea.

There are a lot of smart education efforts out there .... they focus on educating the "whole" person.

Kudos to you and don't let this news stuff get ya down.

You can read the article here http://www.educationreporting.com/viewArticleDetails.php?id=602

Happy Monday, Jack

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05 April 2009

Always a choice.....

A quiet Sunday morning .... good time to reflect on what the driving force of life is!

I always tell my students that the only thing anyone has "real" power over in life is their attitude.

Yep, I roll that way ... not just talkin' it but I live and breath that power.

I've had different careers and work experiences..... none had the remarkable opportunity to share the future of this work like teaching does - every day.

The pay does make it valuable, the conditions are trying and can be volatile .... but the inner satisfaction of just seeing one student grasp a new idea ... think in an expanded way .... or genuinely experience their own epiphany....are priceless and timeless.

Teachers, aka time shifters, have a great week!

Wishing you the best, Jack

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03 April 2009

K12 Lesson Strategies - Three Easy Tweaks

Today the K12 education world has tons of experts analyzing and measuring infinite nuisances. There are plenty of learning theories old and new. Students face a raft of assessments to supposedly measure what they have learned or are capable of learning. Yet, every school day the fact remains, there is a teacher in a classroom – doing the trench work – to carve out learning in the lives of students. I’ve been there and I’ve done that successfully. Being a K12 teacher is an unforgettable experience and an awesome responsibility. Here are three easy and simple tweaks that can be done in any classroom, around the world and in any language, to expose learning opportunities and shape lifelong learning skills in the future leaders of our world.

The three easy tweaks are here:

Have a great weekend, Jack

02 April 2009

The brain in education - go figure....

I'm sure, from teaching in classes and living my life, that each of us IS - NOW - a whole being.

We have a brain and feelings ..... the cognitive and behaviors ... they mix and match producing what "drives" us to do and determines how we perceive.

You've heard this before, if five people watch the same apple fall from a tree ... you're gonna hear five different/similar stories ... created from five unique experiences.

Those "unique experiences" are what makes classroom teaching so much fun and fustrating too (for me).

Anyways, here's an article on how the brain is arriving back on scene in the "education research" world. It's a good read, but for me the fact still remains .... each of is a "whole being" and too much slicing and dicing takes us off the path of perceiving how education occurs.


Ciao, Jack