29 August 2009

Teachers keep workin' while everyone else is ....?

I've done the research - you save the time and reap the rewards.

.... the 15+ links below will surely blow some fresh breezes in a few classrooms across this world - no doubt.

I've had three of my own major myths revealed to me - so far this year .....

......one, robots can never replace teachers - I covered this in an earlier issue.

...... two, technology won't shift the shape of K12 classes too, too much.

....... three, no sustainable and equitable effort is .... or will be made..... to educate young people by public institutions - across the K12 curriculum.

Last week I discovered the Open Education Resources (OER) and the Open Language Learning Initiative (OLLI)........so much for the floor of my myth #3. You have a link to 'em both -and other FREE K12 courses, and higher education as well - below.


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