09 February 2008

Nominate Best Education Resources

An important part of reforming K-12 education is getting the word out about quality education resources. What is a quality K-12 education resource? To me this "quality education" resource fits within these parameters:

1. The materials/services are based on recognized Standards.
2. The materials/services offered include some aspect of a project based learning approach for students and teachers.
3. The materials/services offered are meaningful to students because the concepts being learned apply to the students’ immediate environment.
4. When students use the materials/services there will be opportunities for some degree of peer to peer exchange.
5. The materials/services include more than three aspects of character building opportunities which support students being better global citizens.
6. Environmental education or projects are included in the content.

I am asking you to send me information/links to sites that you think qualify for this award. The Education Reporting, Inc. (ERI) research team will then review your nomination. If the resource qualifies ERI will award them the Best Education Resource recognition. You can send your nomination (URL/links) to services@educationreporting.com or simply add them as a comment to this post.

Thanks in advance for supporting quality education.

PS: please don’t send sites that are just lesson plans .... those don’t qualify for this type of award.

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