20 February 2008

Rich curriculum - got one?

Well, I could explain a rich curriculum, but then you and I'd probably both get bored and miss part of the details. Take seven minutes from a busy day, I promise it'll be fun and worthwhile as you thoughtfully watch this concise and well mastered video clip. Enjoy!

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Ed said...

When I saw this post on School 2.0, I thought you meant a curriculum rich in content. Instead, you just meant more bandwidth and noise-to-signal.

Case in point asking students to get a text message on what people ate for breakfast. Studies show that we need much more math, civic literacy, science, arts, basic literacy, music. We don't learn a thing about how George Washington turned down the Kingship of the US, but we are to spend time getting text messages and watching videos.

Should the wealth of the net help us learn? Of course. I've studied it for 15 years, trying to push such learning.

Yet we just aren't there yet. When it comes to the classroom, Web 2.0 is Web noise, and we ought consider working very hard to build a web 3.0 that actually delivers Mr. Newton and Mr. Shakespeare and Ms. Cady-Stanton, Mrs. Abigail Adams, David, Michelangelo, and true rich curriculum to the students.