08 March 2008

Top Three: Project Based Learning Research Sources

It seems there are more and more educators and education focused groups talking about the benefits of project based education these days. Here are my top three sites for reputable research on the benefits of using project based learning in class:

3. Research Supporting Student-Directed Project-Based Learning
This reports provides research on the brain,
constructivism, best practices in learning, student motivation, learning environments, learning communities, and assessment. Well worth your time to read and worth keeping for reference.

2. This report is one of several reports being prepared for The Road Ahead, a program of the National Foundation for the Improvement of Education (NFIE), a nonprofit foundation of the National Education Association (NEA). The Road Ahead is funded by Bill Gates, co-founder and CEO of Microsoft Corporation, from proceeds from his book by the same name.

1. PBL Research Summary: Studies Validate Project-Based Learning
Multiple research sources show the efficacy of an authentic form of education that expects students to immerse themselves in a topic and meaningfully demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge.

What are your best resource sources for project based learning?

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