01 March 2008

Social networking links with educators

Social networking is here to stay. Surprising to all us old folks like me, it’s clearly a trend that is useful, convenient, and can be fun too. I jumped on board a few months ago to explore my passions of project based learning and service learning. I discovered many similar minded people like me around the world and many doors have been opened....folks serious about improving K-12 education!

I want to suggest, if you are working on a project and want to develop some contacts to receive quality feedback … check out the social virtual world. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical at first, sure it takes time to meet folks, nothing happens overnight, but the people I found and those who found me were helpful to my work. I’m happy to say I’ve had no strange experiences.

Here are my top choices…

Classroom 2.0
This is mostly educators around the world from all age groups and content areas.

Ning in Education
This is a larger group of educators around the globe with more subjects discussed in the forms than Class 2.0.

This is my personal account, once you have an account you can discover many education groups inside. Send me a message if you can’t find 'em and I send you an invite.

There is more opportunity to meet groups and individuals here than in Facebook, groups are easier to access. Here you'll find some serious minded groups on education reform that have global participants.

Online Instruction
This is more technology minded conversations but still very useful for group and peer learning.

Weekly Innovations
Check out the videos here, they have some excellent points on reform areas in K-12 education.

These are teacher networks offering discussions and materials that can be helpful too ….

K-12 Service Learning

Education Technology

Environmental Education

Discovery Educators Network

Earthday Network

Google for Teachers

Education World

All these links have the potential to open thousands of doors. Good luck!
Do you have any social networking links to suggest for others?

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