11 August 2008

Books & Laptops - tools that keep on giving

As a former educator from an inner city high school, where students of less privilege are the majority, I have learned more about myself in four short years than I knew possible. At the same time, I discovered acres about smart kids in bad circumstances, the power of hope, along with streams about what to hang onto and what to let go of....

This last week I finished reading A Hope in the Unseen by Ron Suskind. A truly remarkable story of a remarkable student ... particular poignant for me as it brought those subtle issues I dealt with in my classes - every day- to the surface .... ahhhh, so there are people "in the know" that recognize the issues ... but so little seems to be accomplished with all the talk .... I guess - as usual - it rests on the shoulders of classroom teachers to accomplish learning since teacher are the front line of education.

Laptops for less that $200 provide an opening for those of less privilege. Check out the the program at One Laptop Per Child. You can donate or request laptops here. This is the right program to provide useful technology where it can do the most good - in a classroom full of creative and energtic minds.

If you know of a classroom in need of these excellent tools let me know.

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