31 August 2008

Enriching Education By Connecting K-12 Teachers

Okay, I've taken the leap and started a group on Facebook: Quality K-12 Education: Taking the Next Steps.

Yes, I did "do" some serious thinking about it but in the end, social media is what more students are interested in. Don't believe me? Ask your students how many have a page in Facebook and/or My Space. These outlets are here to stay.

I am thinking it's time to harness a tool like this for teachers to band together. The purpose of my group is to provide information that includes current reports and research, educator feedback, teaching methods and strategies, events, and curriculum in an effort to discover the "best practices" K-12 educators can implement to build a dynamic learning environment in their classroom.

Join me in my group and contribute you wisdom, questions, and ideas. I look forward to participating with you. Click here to go to the group web age in Face Book.

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