27 October 2008

Got Time for Serendipity?

Synchronicity is the only decent planning tool sometimes for me.

During my work with students in the Blue Planet Society, an after school club of volunteering students, I was lucky enough to meet some very well meaning people in the community who believed in young people and sincerely want to help the environment.

Sue Sylvester at Adolfson & Peterson Construction was incredibly helpful and supportive in many ways to the club. She was also instrumental in organizing events to help teachers in getting green information for their students. The volunteer work in the community she gives tirelessly to support the environment is exceptional.

Mary Holden is another amazing person. Her work in Raising Arizona Kids Magazine includes calling attention to green efforts and projects in schools. She was incredibly kind to send me a copy of Last Child in the Woods by Robert Louv. Reading that book opened my eyes to a world I thought I knew but then realized I had a whole lot more to understand - a wonderful gift for me indeed.

There are many amazing individuals, I think, who are spreading some useful and educational nuggets that everyone can use. Here is another one ….

Shaping Youth
Amy has an awesome blog that has an eco thread and other great information about how media and marketing influence kids today.


Teachers for Green Schools

Green School News

Education Gaming News

Facebook: Collaborate With K-12 Educators

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