06 November 2008

I was shopping today and was surprised to see Christmas trees and decorations slung around store. Wow, time flys. Hope you are finding some time to say warm and enjoy the Fall colors!

Performance Pay News
Catching up at news for the US Dept. Ed I liked that Secretary Spellings knows, "Nothing helps a child learn as much as a great teacher." I also learned that in 2006, President Bush created the Teacher Incentive Fund, which supports districts in rewarding teachers and principals who have increased student achievement and helps to recruit and retain high quality teachers and principals in the neediest schools. Since 2006, $196 million has been awarded to 34 grantees; new performance pay models have been created and existing programs have expanded. This year, the Department is awarding 34 grants nationwide totaling approximately $97 million. Here are three links to get more news...

- Information about performance pay...

- Information on Teacher Incentive Fund

- Information on the Center for Educator Compensation Reform

NLCB - Latest News
The most current results for NCLB are available too at the US Dept. Ed Site. Click here to view 'em state by state.

Doing What Works
Gotta check this out because the Dept of Ed is promoting project based learning. You can watch the videos here and they are made from schools aoround the county. Click here to view.

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