02 April 2009

The brain in education - go figure....

I'm sure, from teaching in classes and living my life, that each of us IS - NOW - a whole being.

We have a brain and feelings ..... the cognitive and behaviors ... they mix and match producing what "drives" us to do and determines how we perceive.

You've heard this before, if five people watch the same apple fall from a tree ... you're gonna hear five different/similar stories ... created from five unique experiences.

Those "unique experiences" are what makes classroom teaching so much fun and fustrating too (for me).

Anyways, here's an article on how the brain is arriving back on scene in the "education research" world. It's a good read, but for me the fact still remains .... each of is a "whole being" and too much slicing and dicing takes us off the path of perceiving how education occurs.


Ciao, Jack

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