17 April 2009

FIVE STARS - Earth Day Lesson Ideas

Earth Day is around the corner and hopefully every class can spend 15 minutes next week just covering the concept....

...or, hopefully a full blown lesson !

In my classes I found that students are interested in doing something about the environment because they see the results .... they directly impact something in a positive way and that's a mega boost no matter what the scio-economic class floor is.

Courtesy of the Wilderness Organization ..... here are some cool activity ideas - RELEVANT to REAL LIFE - and the materials to get 'em done with class.

Teachers lounge (materials) http://earthday.wilderness.org/teachers/classroom.htm

Here's what some teachers have done in the past: http://earthday.wilderness.org/teachers/postings.htm

Best link list I've seen for Earth Day: http://earthday.wilderness.org/links.htm

Happy teaching! Jack

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