29 April 2010

Teachers: thousands of free learning resources

Unleash Web Learning
This packed resource has reviewed over 200 web sites - over 100 pages. All the sites are free - no membership costs to use the content. You save time because we researched the zillions of web sites and culled these nuggets. Included are sites for your Professional Development. Or, use this for classroom activity, homework, or special assignment. Pick and choose sites covering science, math, software, Microsoft Office tutorials, and much more. Each site listed has links on its' page to more resources .... so this eBook gives you over 1,000 new web resources at your fingertips. Have all this for a donation at http://www.educationreporting.com

Revise and Move Forward
Explore your understanding of who you are with over 500 resources (all free) at http://www.pillarsoflightspiritualcenter.com

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