29 April 2010

Use student collaboration and keep your batteries charged

Building Relevant Classroom Collaboration
The are 35 pages with techniques to put your students to work. This compares a traditional lesson with a lesson based on collaboration. There is a section focused on building effective time lines for class lessons. Included is a defined classroom collaboration lesson which you can use as a model to build your own lesson. Let student work drive your class - not your talking and talking. If that's not possible in your class then you need to boost your classroom management skills. Take if for a donation at http://www.educationreporting.com

Recharge Your Batteries
Understanding your own energetic is a key to better teaching and living. Check out the guide at http://www.joyfullighteducation.com/ebook.php

Or, use the biomat that literally charges you up and is approved by the FDA at http://www.joyfullighteducation.com/biomat.php

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