06 January 2007

National Curriculum - is it an idea whose time has arrived?

Just when we thought there was enough testing, the UK folks think that it’s an feasible idea to test 14 year olds on computer skills. I think the good thing here is the government folks listened to the teachers who thought the test was so wrong and failing at the very purpose of the test its self…. to keep pace with new technologies such as music sequencing and digital image editing.

The UK does something I like though .… we should adopt it here in the USA ... implement a national curriculum. A national curriculum lays out in phases or grade levels the core subjects students will be taught throughout their school life. The key here is this type of curriculum doesn’t take away a teachers’ creativity in making and delivering the lesson. And, this type of curriculum makes sure all kids are learning the same content.

Here is the link on the computer tests I mentioned:

Here are good resources to explain a national curriculum:

Understanding the National Curriculum

National Curriculum

National Educational technology Standards

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