04 January 2007

Teaching is an Excellent Career

In case you are wondering, I am pro teacher. I do think that teachers, when given the necessary support, can and do produce extraordinary results. Right now I am a science teacher in a public high school. This is my third year teaching after leaving a successful career in business. I see many good teachers doing amazing things with students …. opening many doors intellectually and emotionally. Teachers have the best job since we are able to work with the minds and hearts of the future leaders of our planet.

I also think there are teachers who need to retire. I am not saying there are bad teachers, just teachers who, it looks like to me, no longer have the passion they once had for the work, so it’s time to go. This happens in any career people work in. After a while it’s possible to loose the passion …if you are in law enforcement, a business owner, a politician, whatever career you have chosen. That is what happened to me working in business and that is why I left. How can anyone do an excellent job without passion for the work?

Teaching involves more than lesson planning, lesson delivery and classroom management. I was looking for a purpose statement or job responsibility statement for teachers in my district but I haven’t found it. It must be around somewhere. In business that was the first thing you saw when applying for a job: 1) the responsibilities for this job are thus …., 2) the skills needed for the job are thus …., and 3) the pay range is thus based on experience and skills. I really wish public education was run more like a business cause I think the teachers who are doing great work will be rewarded while the teachers who need to go will be leaving …..

Anyways, I am pro teacher and I don’t think the computer is a sole answer for teaching, although it’s a great tool if we can get it in the classroom and not just at a lab … but that is another blog page.

Here are some teacher resources ….

National Association for Prevention of Teacher Abuse

Teacher Support Network

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