05 January 2007

Teacher Search Engines: Science, Lessons, Methods

The majority of teachers, as I was talking about yesterday, are doing a remarkable job! It’s unfortunate - in any profession - when a few folks spoil the reputation of all the committed and hard working professionals.

To help teachers, especially in science, here are three specialized search engines that focus in finding useful teacher content on subjects and methods:

1. Biology and Chemistry Labs for class
2. Science Teacher Material
3. Teaching Methods


Biology and Chemistry Labs for class
This search engine is loaded with sites that have online resources to use in front of class or at a computer lab with class. It also has hundreds of traditional resources relating to all the concepts in these two sciences to get material, handouts, and read about real time issues.

Science Teacher Material
Here are thousands of specific sites relates to earth science, physical science, life science, geology, physics, and chemistry for material that can be used to do lesson planning or to use as a supplement for a certain topic being discussed.

Teaching Methods
Every wonder what the different teaching methods are? This is the portal where you can get all that information. For example, do a search on “teaching methods” or a search on “self regulate learner” or “constructivism” or “skinner” and so forth. Read this material and find ideas for incorporating different learning theories into lessons to see what is most effective.

To add a resource to these search engines please send an email to reports@educationreporting.com with the information.

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