21 January 2008

The best FREE lunch in education you'll get

I think we're all going to agree that education should be free after K-12 - yes?

Here is your source for that .... from prestigious university classes: MIT, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon and many more: click here.

This site has all content areas. It has languages. It even has ear training software. Most classes are videos taking during the class - excellent. I heard that MIT has said they are going to get all classes taught at that university on this free distribution system by end of this year.

You have to check out this site. If not for you than for you kids sake. This resources supplies what, to me, education is supposed to be: filled with quality and free. It's not a replacement for sitting in the class as an enrolled student but it sure is a darn good start.

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Marli said...

Keep up the good work.