04 January 2008

Teachers Using Technology - What ya doing?

Well, it has come across my email waves that there are a multitude of questions about "how" to set up a web site and then "what tools" are available to do that with.

For me, I am used to creating web sites with Dreamweaver since my days as a Project Manager with IBM and American Express. However, in this myriad of emails crossing my screen I see there is much confusion and doubt about what direction to use in moving forward. I will offer my tips .......

In my high school science class I have found a web site and blog to very useful in 1) administering class work and 2) in stretching student skills to expand what they can do with technology. For example, we use a blog with a once a week assignment. they have to go to the blog I created, for free, and read the weekly assignment and then post an assignment. BTW, I work in a school where 90%+ are on free lunch program so there are not a lot of computers at home. :-)

The students have given me much positive feedback about the blog this semester so I will keep it going for next semester too.

Free web site hosts - place where teacher can establish web sites, blog, or wikis for FREE:

Web Sites:
1. Create Google web site - free account required
2. Microsoft Web Site = use Internet Explorer - free account required

1. http://teacherlingo.com/
2. http://www.blogger.com
3. Edublog

1. http://www.wikispaces.com/

If you know of more. help us all and post them in your comment. These resources mentioned have extensive help files, if you have questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.

Cheers, steu


Stephen said...

Hey there. MSN Groups is v.useful resource. It gives you the blog, but also message board, shared calendar where you can put class schedule, instant messaging, email and file sharing. Located in one place with your name on it. You can find it at www.groups.msn.com. hope you find it helpful!

Education Reporting, Inc. said...

Hi Stephen, do you have a web site I can post for MSN Groups? cheers!