05 January 2008

Technology Worth Using in Class for Curriculum

Hey, it's Saturday morning and what am I doing working on this blog? Call me crazy.

There is a this place on the web, so rich in ideas and thoughts for the K-12 students ... a fertile oasis in the dusty desert: Ted.

Why? Ted is the leading ideas in thought ...to my knowledge, it's the only repository of these gems. It's FREE and it's easily accessible.

As a teacher, my big challenge is fitting it into class. Lately I've been doing it during it homeroom, but that is only one class. I found Ted from another teacher, F. Lajvardi; he is an amazing guy .... talk about phenomenal teacher. He has project based learning in action happening.

Using Ted always stirs up some interesting questions ... they are better when the content we are studying segways in the Ted topic we watch. The last one I used was Jane Goodall where she discusses her work. There are so many that I have a hard time keep track of ones I can use ... I also recently showed E. O. Wilson, a biologist exploring the world of ants and other tiny creatures ... about the way all creatures great and small are interdependent....talk about driving home those core concepts of variables, ecosystems, habitats and niches.

Guess you can decipher by now that I'm a biology teacher.

That's it for today, just want to put my two cents in to promote Ted.... a five star lesson tool ... the brilliant and aspiring minds of our planet - to lead the next generation of leaders.


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